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Plan your visit, and we'll treat you like family!

Hi! I'm Charlie, the Lead Pastor at Church on the Ridge.

I'm so glad you here. Whether you have never been to church or have been a Christian your whole life, know that Church on the Ridge is a place you can call home. We have amazing worship, relevant preaching, and a fun experience for the kids, from infants to eighth grade.

We know that visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating, that's why we have Plan Your Visit.

Plan your visit today, and we will:

At a Sunday Gathering,
you can expect...

An Hour

Each Sunday Gathering lasts about an hour and includes worship music, prayer and a 30-minute talk.

A Bible Talk

Our Bible-based talks are applicable, inspiring, and practical.

Worship Music

Our music is energetic and draws your heart towards God.

Kids will have fun

If your kids are happy, you’ll be happy. We strive to provide fun, engaging programming each week that will draw your kids closer to Jesus.


Expect a friendly greeting and hot coffee that you may take into the auditorium with you. Stay caffeinated for Christ.

Plan your visit

We will meet you at the door and show you around! Let us know you're coming.
Plan Your Visit

Current Talk Series

This will level up your relationship! Get tips and relationship help on Sunday mornings. Whether your relationship needs a small face lift or a complete renovation, it takes work to build a dream home. Build strong foundations, learn to communicate more effectively, and begin to resolve differences well.

Take the first step in improving your home by joining us this Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30 am.
Relationship Series logo with couple fighting and then getting along

We have a place for you.

Test Drive a Gathering!

Listen to a talk by Pastor Charlie to get a feel of what the Gathering will be like when you attend.

Lunch is on us!

After you visit us and wish to learn more, we encourage you to attend one of our monthly Newcomers Lunches. It is NOT a membership class, but rather an informational lunch similar to an “orientation” to a school or your job place. You get to know us, and we get to know you. Then we can help you find your next step.

What are you waiting for?
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