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Meet the team.

Leadership at Church on the Ridge is composed of Staff and an Advisory Council.

Charlie Salmon

Lead Pastor

I have been a pastor and serving in ministry for over 35 years. I am a bit of an adventurer and have climbed Mount Rainier, have flown hang gliders, and I scuba dive extensively. But my greatest achievement is marrying my wife, Sandy, and helping raise three children.


Coming from an alcoholic, broken family, I was forced to live with an aunt and uncle whose condition for my staying with them was to attend church. Watching their life and being around people who loved me and loved God was a turning point. Before I got too deep in an ugly world, Jesus changed my life. At 18, I heard God speak to me. God asked me to become a pastor. I left Willamette University to attend a Bible school. Then, I went on to seminary. I recently completed a Doctor of Ministry. It has been an incredible journey of walking with Jesus and serving Him.


My two greatest joys are when I am able to help restore families and to see those without purpose discover their true identity. I strive to communicate with genuine authenticity that I trust you will get to know if we have the privilege to meet.


When you live obediently in giving your first and best, you don’t need to stress over your finances. Don’t try to fix these things yourself. Instead turn these needs over to Jesus and allow him to solve the problem. In doing so, you will find the rest and peace that you long for.

Betty Peebles

Office Administrator

Bob Fox

Facilities Manager

Bill Luton

Worship Director

Ethan Benson

Sports League Commissioner

George Steirer


Heidi Beth Billingsley

Director of Volunteers

Jacki Jones

Office Manager

Jeff Mihal

Director of Guest Services

JoAnna Dickinson

Counselor (MSW)

Kay Bonikowsky

Women’s and Communications Pastor

Kevin Cumming

Discipleship Pastor

Lindsey Randall

Administrative Assistant

Luke Hohag

Director, Kids on the Ridge Club

Michael Kuehner

Finances & Facilities

Natalya Truitt

Production and Communications Specialist

Shellie Simpson

Director, Kids on the Ridge Weekday Preschool

Siri Barden

Executive Assistant

Picture of Stephen

Stephen Salmon

Student Ministries Pastor

Tom O’Neill

Elementary Pastor

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council serves as the official Board of Directors to administer the business affairs of Church on the Ridge in cooperation with the Lead Pastor.

Charlie Salmon


Jim Humphries


Tony Tanhueco


Aprille Ballangue


Siri Barden


Karim Ders


Daniel Romero



The Elders serve as spiritual oversight  and provide counsel and accountability for the Lead Pastor.

Tom Koetje

Andy Rosas

Don Detrick

Clint Bryan

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