Would You Lay Down Your Life for a Stranger?

On Memorial Day, Charlie reflects on John 15, and our calling to love people. We also want to give a special thank you to all the people who have laid down their lives for our country. Elementary We continue on with Joshua and the first obstacle he had to deal with in...

Are You Careful With Your Words?

Charlie wraps up our week in Proverbs by teaching us how we can guard our hearts as we read chapter 4 verse 23. Elementary We are starting our videos on Joshua! I love Joshua, and we are going to look how he was a man of faith!

Are You Harsh

Today, Charlie reads Proverbs 15:1 and shows us how we can react in a soft and calm manner, even when we feel overwhelmed. Elementary Moses would talk to God face to face. Because of Jesus, we can talk to God too! Youth Tonight we are talking all things quarantine and...

Do Your Children Follow Your Lead?

Charlie walks us through what it means to be righteous as we navigate Proverbs 20:7. Elementary Moses takes the people out of Egypt and into the wilderness on the way to the promised land! However, not everything goes as planned.

Do You Trust God to Guard You?

On day two of our week in Proverbs, we head to chapter 30, verse 5. Charlie teaches us how we can trust God with our safety. Elementary Moses goes to Egypt to talk to Pharaoh! God has sent him on a mission to get His people out of slavery!

Do You Follow God’s Commands?

This week Charlie walks us through Proverbs and the wise words of Solomon. Today we look at Proverbs 1:7 and how we can obey God's instruction. Elementary Moses ran away from Egypt and everything he has ever known. However, God wasn't finished with him yet, and he was...

God Is Bigger Than You Think

Charlie wraps up our theme of faith by walking us through the story of Issac and Abraham. Elementary We are starting the story of Moses! All the way back when he was a little baby. He had quite the adventure for a baby; let's see what happened!

Can You Do Everything in Love?

Today, Charlie walks us through what it looks like to have a strong defense against the rocks that get thrown at us, while at the same time, doing everything in love.Elementary Parents, has this ever happened to you on the weekend?Finishing off our story of Joseph!...

What Season Are You in Right Now?

For Wednesday, Charlie talks about how we can raise our faith when we feel attacked. Elementary Joseph went from zero to hero, imprisoned slave to second in command of all Egypt! Now he had a big job to do getting ready for the famine.

Who Is Guiding You?

Today, Charlie shows us the decisions we have every day and the impact they have on our path. Elementary Joseph, now in Egypt, had to adapt to a new way of life, but God was with him and made him prosperous in everything he did. Let's see what happens next in the...