Daily Encouragement – July 30th

Charlie encourages us to let our light shine on constant.   ElementaryWhat would you do if you won the lottery?! Would you give it all up? A young rich man asks Jesus a question and gets a difficult response.

Daily Encouragement – July 29th

Charlie encourages us to let Jesus' light get brighter and brighter every day! ElementaryJesus did a lot of amazing things! Did you know though that he got sad? We are going to learn about when Jesus cried.

Daily Encouragement – July 28th

It's gonna be a Royal day!  Walk in God's marvelous light as holy people, chosen for God's own good purpose! ElementaryJesus performed many miracles, but not everyone said thank you. We should always be grateful to people who do nice things for us. 

Daily Encouragement – July 24th

If you want to get out of the darkness, get close to Jesus because there is no darkness where Christ is! ElementaryJesus compared us to seeds. We need caring for just like plants. I love when Jesus tells us stories like this!

Daily Encouragement – July 23rd

Darkness is trying to invade, but the light of Christ in you and me cannot be taken away.  When it feels dark, remember the great things God has done for you. ElementaryJesus feeds a whole lot of people with a little boy's lunch!