It's really exciting to play a part in creating what people experience in our gatherings—whether videos that connect with the heart, or music or lighting. There are plenty of opportunities not only on stage, but behind the scenes as well. Here are a few:

  1. Band & Vocals - Leading the music at our weekend gatherings and on First Wednesdays
  2. Production Team - Mixing sound, presenting media and enhancing the gathering through lighting.
  3. Video Production Team - Recording and producing original video content for COTR - interviews, shorts, promos. (See for some examples.)
  4. Stage Design - Designing and building the elements you see on stage (sets, props, etc.)
  5. Photography - Supporting the ministries of Church on the Ridge with quality, original stock photos

I'd love to see YOU serving in music and creative arts. It would make my year to see you get involved on one of my teams. Please let me know what questions I can answer.

David Woll

Music & Creative Arts Pastor

Interested in being in the band?

If you are interested in serving in the band, whether singing or playing an instrument, fill out this short questionnaire and I will be in touch with you!

Interested in serving behind the scenes?

If you're more about serving behind the scenes or are interested in production, fill out this quick questionnaire (should take less than 3 minutes).

Take the Music Home With You

Want to sing the songs we do more than just on Sunday? Follow this Spotify playlist to keep Jesus at the center of your week.