The Mission: Abroad


Church on the Ridge partners with Transform Asia to support orphans in the David Center, impoverished children at the Joy Day Care (serving children living in the city dump), dorm ministries in Batnambong and Chhouk, womens ministries in Campong Chhang and Batnambong, and a feeding program in Siisophon (one of the poorest villages in rural Cambodia). This year in August we will also help put on a country-wide youth camp, spreading the love of Jesus.



Latvia is a country that struggles with human trafficking. We partner with Freedom61, an organization within Youth with a Mission (YWAM) that focuses on freeing women from human trafficking. Freedom61 runs a café in the red-light district of Riga and a rehabilitation and transition center in Vardimarpillis.


Between South Africa and Mozambique lies Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). Here we partner with the Spirit & Truth Bible Church (STBC) and help them fulfill the needs of their community. Pastor Bhecki Gule is our main point of contact, the full-time pastor of STBC (unpaid) and a full-time teacher in his community. Our main mission here is to help create a self-sustaining community in Eswatini. In 2015 we helped purchase a tractor, so they are able to generate funds by renting the tractor out to pay Pastor Bhecki.  About 50 percent of the population in Eswatini is infected with AIDS. This affects many of the orphans STBC provides for. STBC runs a feeding program for gogos (grandmothers who take in orphans) and the children they provide for.


Partnerships Across the Globe