Building a Cornerstone for Generations to Come

About the Project

Ever since its doors opened in 2004, Church on the Ridge’s vision has been to share the love of Jesus by helping people become fully devoted followers of Christ. Through God’s grace, we have seen hearts come alive in Christ, marriages healed, and generations changed for eternity.  

Cornerstone for Generations 2020 is the vision for the future, the continuation of our campaign to build a new facility for Church on the Ridge. God is calling us to step boldly forward and establish a deeper connection and more lasting presence in our community with a dedicated facility.  

Through this campaign, our task is to raise our overall cash funding goal of $2.5 million to $3.25 million (an additional $750,000) by the end of 2020. 

From this foundation, He will bring about a brighter future for our community and influence lives for generations.

Why this campaign? 

Amazingly, you, the donors, have exceeded expectations throughout Cornerstone for Generations. But as often happens, there have been cost overruns and the decision to build the terrace. Raising an additional $750,000 above our initial cash goal will allow us to put $350,000 toward cost overruns and $400,000 to fund the terrace.  

Why now? 

Because of the enthusiasm already demonstrated in giving toward this campaign, and because there are many new faces in our Church on the Ridge family, experts believe that now is the time to raise the additional capital. 

We ask you to prayerfully consider your part in Cornerstone for Generations 2020. What we will accomplish together will bring generations of families to Jesus Christ. 


gross square feet



new square feet of student areas


new meeting rooms


total project cost

We’re Steel Having Fun!

With the steel structure nearing completion, the project is entering a period of increased complexity and coordination. We would like to welcome a new Superintendent to the job, Jim Williams, and a part-time engineer to help coordinate challenging aspects of the...

Truss the Process

Construction Update The steel beam installation is nearly complete on the western, classroom side of the building. The process stopped when Petra discovered a problem. After a partial disassembly and rework, the structure is now going back up. Installation of the...

Snowmageddon, Concrete, & Creativity

Snowmageddon As you can probably guess, the heavy snow caused chaos not only in our own schedules, but in our building project, as well. Snow covered the site for most of February, and crews had to wait to continue working until the soil dried out and “healed” itself...

Family Meeting Recap

Our Family Meeting was incredible. People gathered together as we broke bread (literally), laughed, and heard some essential updates in the life of the church. We talked about three major things: ministry updates, Cornerstone for Generations, and our finances. 1....

For Richer, for Pourer

After more than a few challenges, the project continues to move forward. Things are really moving, and you can see changes on the site nearly every day. Here's a snapshot of where we are at. Most earth work is done, and the pad now exists for the new building. Most...

Let’s Talk about the Weather

It rained a lot the past few weeks. Like a lot. Unfortunately, this created issues with storm water runoff to the nearby creek and surrounding area. You may remember Charlie talking on Sunday about the stop work order we had received. As a result, the next few days...

It Started!

As you may have heard, the physical work on our new facility has finally begun! While we are still awaiting approval for the civil drawings, we have received the grading and clearing permits. This week crews set up a fence around the perimeter and began the work of...

The second step of the building project has begun! 🎉

Can you believe it? Today something amazing happened. We started digging! We are so thankful to all of you for standing by us during this building campaign. Check out the two messages below (30 seconds each) from Charlie, and meet the supervisor who will be leading...

Rays of Sunlight

As you may know, things are moving more slowly than we had hoped. Wondering why? Read about it in our weekly blog. At the church picnic, Charlie shared some rays of sunlight, that is, answers to prayer that we have seen in the middle of the waiting.  That same day, we...

Groundbreaking Sunday Recap

Last week was really something to remember. One year after Commitment Sunday and before summer schedules were in full swing, we wanted to celebrate this occasion together as a church family. We’re so glad you were a part of it. In the Trailside Room, we packed in...


CURRENT PHASE | Phase 1: The Vision
  • Vision & Concept
  • Design & Engineering
  • Building Permits
  • Phase 1 Progress 100% 100%
Phase 2: The Cornerstone
  • Breaking Ground & Utilities
  • Foundation
  • Structure & Envelope
  • Phase 2 Progress 100% 100%
Phase 3: The Construction
  • Roof On & Dried In
  • Rough-In Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Sprinkler
  • Build Rooms & Spaces
  • Phase 3 Progress 40% 40%
Phase 4: The Detailing
  • Drywall, Painting & Flooring
  • Lights, Heat, Air Conditioning & Bathrooms
  • Cabinets, Doors & Trims
  • Phase 4 Progress 0% 0%
Phase 5: The Move-In
  • Fixtures, Furniture & Equipment
  • Final Clean
  • Move-In
  • Phase 5 Progress 0% 0%

Cornerstone Cam

Watch live streaming video of the construction.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why this campaign?

As far as campaigns go, Cornerstone for Generations has exceeded expectations as you, the donors, have been fulfilling your commitments.  According to experts, cost overruns are typical, and our project is no exception. 

Because of project delays and subsequent cost overruns, Church on the Ridge must raise an additional $750,000 to complete the building project, raising our initial cash goal of $2.5 million to $3.25 million.  

As the saying goes, hindsight is twenty-twenty. Are there things we would have done differently looking back? Probably. But we as a church must look forward to the vision God has for our church and our faith as followers of Jesus.  

What is the additional $750,000 for?

When presented with the possibility of a terrace addition, the advisory council and congregation overwhelmingly expressed support for the addition which equated to a $400,000 cost increase. The other $350,000 goes to offset the cost overruns to due to water management issues, extreme weather delays, and other various issues. If these are not defrayed, cost overruns eat into the cash funds we already raised and take away from finishing components like furniture, fixtures, and equipment. 

Why now?

The leadership has prayed and sought wise counsel in this regard. It is encouraging to think of this enthusiasm that the church body has expressed at the prospect of raising additional funds. Also, many new faces have joined the ranks at Church on the Ridge. There is opportunity for new givers to contribute to the completion of this building.  

What if I already completed my commitment?

Prayerfully consider making a new commitment or extending your original commitment. 

I already filled out a commitment card. Do I need to fill out a new card?

We would very much appreciate a new commitment card if you are making a new commitment, extending your commitment or adding to your commitment.  If your commitment has not changed, feel free to mark that box as well We utilize these cards for planning purposes and the bank considers them assets 

How much am I expected to give?

What you give is a personal decision between you and God. We ask you to prayerfully consider your part in Cornerstone for Generations 2020. What we will accomplish together will bring generations of families to Jesus Christ. 

How can I support Cornerstone for Generations 2020?

Of course, you can support it by giving financially and making a commitment. But, just as important, we want our faith as a church to grow together. You can support by praying, by being present, by persevering with us. It’s not only about finances, it’s about our faith, and about seeing your face! 

When is the Grand Opening?

The most recent model shows us in our new building towards the end of the first quarter of 2020.  We plan on having a “soft” opening prior to inviting the whole community 

Why is this project taking so long?

Weather delays, steel delays, permit delays, red tag delays, human error delays…they all add up. But the good news is this project is on God’s timing, not ours.   

What can we look forward to in the new church building?

Depending on which staff member you ask, you get so many different and exciting answers. Our children’s director is thrilled about having 11 classrooms, youth ministries is excited to have their own dedicated space, the band and production teams are happy about the higher ceilings in the new sanctuary, and Mr. Guest Services, a.k.a. Jeff Mihal, your pal,” is thrilled about the bigger kitchen!