After giving her life to Christ, Autumn was ready for the next step of water baptism, but didn’t want to wait until we had moved into our new building, or for summer to come around, to be baptized. She took the plunge of faith in a hot tub with COTR leadership and her community group gathered around.

Autumn cites her group as a source of invaluable support. When she recently earned her doctorate, there were some even in her own family who would not celebrate the moment with her in person due to COVID concerns. But her community group is planning celebration for completing her Ph.D. “Everyone at COTR is like family.” 

Autumn reflects on her walk with Christ: “The more that I admit that my money, my time, and my life belong to God, the more he blesses me and the less stress I feel. Now I make decisions based on what God wants me to do with my money, my time, and my relationships.”

“I live now. My life used to only be focused on other people – looking for a man to love me or trying to get my family to give me something they weren’t capable of giving. One by one, God filled my world.”