Hey there, we know that there continues to be a ton of information circling about the coronavirus. As companies begin to close their campuses for the time being, we wanted to give you our plan of action. 

  • First, we want to emphasize that we know Jesus is our ultimate protector.
  • We are taking reasonable precautions as a church. 
  • We will be following Snoqualmie Valley School District’s (SVSD’s) recommendations in the event of closure.
  • We are sanitizing our facilities.
  • In Student Ministries areas, we are wiping down and sanitizing toys and surfaces in-between each gathering. Students and adults are using hand sanitizer before and after coming into the classroom.
  • The Great Youth Challenge will still be going on tonight.
  • We have hand sanitizer at the entrances. 
  • We understand that you want to keep your family safe and healthy. If you are still uncomfortable attending church in person, we hope you’ll tune in to our video livestream feed at 9:30 AM this Sunday (here is last weekend’s for reference https://youtu.be/LW1QKKXGZtc).
  • If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to email megan@churchontheridge.org and check our announcement area on the home page at churchontheridge.org