Have you ever made a decision that you instantly regretted?

For most people, this is an easy recall. Sometimes they were small choices, but sometimes they were big life-changing ones.

If we are going to lead like God wants us to, we need to involve Him in our decisions. While it’s not a natural trait to develop, it is a crucial one.

How do you make godly decisions?

  1. Get God.
    • We keep on saying it, but it remains true! Spend time alone with God so that your heart is centered with Him. This will be crucial when you must evaluate the critical decisions that life throws your way.
  2. Get the Facts.
    • This one is straightforward. Know the entirety of the situation before making the final call.
  3. Get a Goal.
    • When you have a goal, it will help determine your decisions. If you and your family are saving for a new house, you wouldn’t want to spend $10,000 of your money on a new movie room at your current place. Make a goal and stick to it.
  4. Get the Plan.
    • How are you going to execute your goal? With a plan of course! Answer the following questions about your goal, and you will have a plan built on a solid foundation.
      1. Where am I going?
      2. How much will it cost? How many resources will it take?
      3. What steps do I need to take?
      4. When will I know I’m there?
      5. Who do I want to go with me?
  5. Get Help.
    • Your destiny can’t be achieved alone. Bring in people you love and trust that will help you formulate your plan and keep you accountable.
  6. Get Faith.
    • Let your faith rise higher than it has ever done before. The more you have faith in God and His plans for you, the easier it will be to make the right decisions.
  7. Get Going.
    • Now that you have God, the facts, a goal, a plan, help, faith, you need to get going! It can be scary to start, but once you do, you will begin to see things fall into place.

How are you going to start making godly decisions? Determine where you are and get going to the next step.