“When leaders get better, everybody wins!”

You have heard this phrase quite a bit around Church on the Ridge recently. But why does leadership matter? What even makes a good leader?

Let’s start with the why. Leadership is a critical component of our world. You have leaders at work, your child’s school, the classes you take; you are even a leader in your household. The thing is, when we lead we don’t just lead for work/school/our homes, we lead people to Christ. If we are going to tell Jesus we are all in, we need to be equipped and ready. Once we’ve agreed to do that, we need to learn what it means to be an excellent, godly leader.

Below are six non-negotiables for being a godly leader. Look through the points and see which one(s) you believe you are already good at and which one(s) you need to work on. Pray over what you want to improve and see God develop you into the leader he has called you to be.

  1. Lead in the Right Direction
    • Make sure that your focus is always on the Father and that you are leading others towards Him.
  2. Engage with God’s Wisdom
    • Take seven minutes out of your day and spend it reading the Bible and growing closer to God.
  3. Adamant About Doing God’s Will
    • Serve God, even when you don’t understand, and when you face challenging times.
  4. Does for Others
    • Put other people’s interest before your own and have compassion for them.
  5. Endurance
    • This long race can’t be won in a minute, hour, day, week, or even year. It has many obstacles and takes patience. Lean into God to give you the longevity you need to win the race because you can’t do it without Him.
  6. Radical Faith
    • You have to believe that God can and will do everything through you if you have faith in Him.