Construction Update

The steel beam installation is nearly complete on the western, classroom side of the building. The process stopped when Petra discovered a problem. After a partial disassembly and rework, the structure is now going back up. Installation of the steel structure will continue around the entire facility with the concrete pours rescheduled until after steel erection is complete. The next two slab pours, as well as the roof installation, are planned for late June.

Anticipated Move-In and the In-Between

With the red tag work stoppage last fall, Snowmageddon, and steel structure problems, completion of our new building is now estimated between December and February 1st. With a move-out date of November 1, there will be a period between facilities. The Northwest Ministry Network, the owners of our current building, have agreed that we can still use the second floor during this time. This will allow the weekday pre-school and student ministry programs to continue uninterrupted. We are working on a plan for weekend gatherings during this period between our move-out and move-in dates that Charlie talked about at last Sunday’s Family Meeting.

The Neighbors

The owner of the property next door to our new building has applied for a grading permit with the city of Snoqualmie and is intending to build an ice arena. This may affect our agreement with him on our east entry and the shared 25 parking spaces. We sent him our civil drawings for this area to see if we can still maintain the original plan.

In the meantime, this could affect our site water management, which currently relies on the use of this property. We are now entering a drier season, so we are working to remove the water storage tanks, eliminate one of the ponds, and prepare the land for easier access for building construction and for utility installation.

The Terrace

Ron Ped, our architect, is working with the city on getting approval for the proposed terrace. We need to make a decision to proceed or defer the terrace option this month. The cost of terrace construction, with the re-routing of utilities, is estimated to be $350,000. The advisory council is evaluating options on this valuable addition. If approved, underground utility work and footings for the terrace will begin in June and will not affect the project completion.

An aerial view of the proposed terrace. If you look really closely, you can see the s’mores roasting.

Who films all this drone footage of the new building? This guy, Matt Wolenetz! Matt serves as a volunteer leader in the media ministry. See why he enjoys leading in this capacity, how he is helping us get ready for our new facility, and why he is holding an Emmy. (Yes, that’s an Emmy.)


In March, we used $150,000 from the line of credit, and we made our first draw from the $5.8 million construction loan in April. We have had $300,000 available on the line of credit that could be used to bridge a financial timing gap for the terrace or the purchase of furniture, fixtures, and equipment costs when the building is almost complete.

Incredibly, as of April 30th, you have given $1.91 million of the total $2.59 million in commitments made!

What You Can Do

  • Pray for a positive resolution for the water management and parking plans on the adjacent property.
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance from God for the anticipated interim period between moving out of our current facility at the beginning of November and moving into the new one. Please pray that we can get our occupancy permit so the church can open the new facility before Christmas.
  • As always, please pray for our builder, Petra, and the subcontractors.
  • Watch the video from the Family Meeting (or see below).
  • Participate in Capstone Sunday, June 9. One gathering, one experience, when we will kick off the next step of our building campaign as we round the corner to our home stretch. Sign an actual I-beam that will be placed at the top of the new building.