Praying can be one of those things that we forget about until we need something from Jesus. We think we are in control of our life until something goes wrong; then, we turn to Him and ask for whatever we think we need at that moment.

God longs to spend time with us. So why don’t we spend time with Him?


We say it all the time, “I’m too busy,” or “I seem to lose track of time.” But if we want to be like Christ, we have to spend time with Him. So how do you find a time when there seems to be none?

  1. Develop a Quiet Time
    • You need to make it a priority, so think about one area in your life you can cut down by 7 minutes and spend time with Jesus. This could be anything from delaying your TV time or waking up just a little bit earlier.
  2. Ask God to Provide Time to Pray
    • Does it seem impossible to find ANY time in your day? Ask God to help you find the time to spend with Him. You will begin to see things move out of your way and time open up where you thought there was none.
  3. Pray where you are
    • Prayer can happen anywhere, anytime. So whether you are on your way to work or walking down aisles at the grocery store, pray to Him.
  4. Divide and Conquer
    • Want to pray over your family, but don’t know what to pray for? Pray that the develop traits of the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), pieces of Armor (Ephesians 6:10-18), or the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12).
  5. Pray for Yourself
    • This is one of the more critical habits to keep. Don’t forget to pray for yourself! You can’t experience real change in your life unless you speak it out in prayer. Want to cut some things out of your life and replace them with more Christ-like habits? Pray that to Him.
  6. Don’t give God a plan; give Him your trust
    • We often think our plans and precisely what we pray for is what we need, but God always knows better. Let God make the ultimate plan over your life because He knows what you need.
  7. After prayer, stop – listen – obey.
    • So you’ve prayed, and spoken to God, now it’s time to listen! After each time you pray allow for God to speak to you. When He does, do what He instructs you to do.

Finding time alone with God can be difficult, but know that when you make it a priority, you’ll see a positive shift in your life for the better.