Have you ever thought, “I have been on the short end of the stick for too long, God needs to come through with the blessing already.” Let’s be honest, at one point or another, we all have. We feel that since we have been suffering long enough, that God needs to balance out all the yuck.

The reality is that we don’t deserve anything, which is a shocking statement, but true. The great thing is that even when we are at our worst, God’s grace is there to shower us with love.

But how do we accept it? Here are three things we need to understand before basking in His grace.

1. Grace cannot be earned. 
We live in a culture that says in order to earn something, you have to do something first. But with God, that isn’t true. He is loving and caring, and nothing we can do can earn His grace.

2. Grace is not deserved; it is received by faith.
We ask this question a lot, but here it is again. Does God need to do anything else for you so that you follow Him? If we want to receive grace, then we need to have faith in knowing that Jesus dying on the cross, so that we could live with Him forever is enough.

3. Grace is revealed in your life.
Every time we fall short, God’s grace is there to pick us up. No matter how many times we sin, grace surrounds us, so that we can dust off the dirt and keep moving forward on the path he has laid out for us.

Understanding and fully accepting grace is difficult, and it isn’t something that can happen overnight or within a week. As you go about your life, every time you slip up, whether big or small, make a little note in your mind that God’s grace is here to help get you back on the right path, and recognize that as His blessing.