Imagine it’s 2:00 AM, your little one is running a temperature, and the doctor says to take him to the emergency room. Your spouse is out of town, and your relatives live too far away to watch your other children. What do you do?

You need people in your life you can call at 2:00 AM, who will help you without a second thought. That is when your community group and “church” friends can help. When you are surrounded by a group of believers, who will be there to support you during the challenges of life, help you grow your faith, who will be there for a fun, healthy social life, and whose life you can pour into, you are truly blessed.

How do you get friends like this? One place to start is to join a community group or reconnect with people you have allowed to drift out of your life. Making a commitment of time to build relationships by meeting with one another, being vulnerable enough to be truthful in sharing the authentic version of your life through the laughs, the smiles and the tears fosters trust and a bond called friendship. Once you have those four elements, you’ve found not just reliable friends, but a family.

If you aren’t already involved in a small group and would like to start the journey of developing a 2:00 AM friendship, click on the button below and we’ll help you find a group that is right for you.