Have you ever walked into a child’s room and gasped in horror at the mess they had created, then struggled to get them to clean it up? It’s a parent’s responsibility to teach children how to pick up after themselves and learn to play without wrecking their environment. It takes love and patience to repeatedly remind children that the toys go in the toy box. It may take some time, but if you are steady and consistent, you will be able to teach your children how to tidy up after themselves.  

God sees us just like we see our kids. No matter the mess, He loves us. God looked at us, saw how untidy we are, and sent His son to make us clean. He shows us love and patience when we make mistakes that make our lives messy. Just as children learn how to be tidy by picking up one toy at a time, we have to lean into the Spirit and clean up our spiritual houses one step at a time. By being steady and consistent, focusing on tidying up one area of our life each week, we can strive to be better children for our Father who gave it all for us.

Over the next week, think about an area in your life that needs tidying up. Is it your head, heart, hands, sexuality, or feet? Whichever one you choose, ask God to help you. Then a week later reflect on your experience to see the progress in your life.