Have you ever driven when there is a ton of water or snow on the road? It’s scary when you lose control of your car when the weather isn’t cooperating. You are trying to figure out how to course correct the safest way; you may even send up a quick prayer, all because some H20 is affecting your vehicle.

Our lives are a constant battle with poor roads and inclement weather. The main difference is, that we have a better pilot driving our vehicle, Jesus. When we let Jesus take the lead and step into becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ, we get someone who is an expert at every tricky turn, steep incline and off-road adventure we come up against. So, what is blocking you from letting Him lead your life?

If you are ready to let Jesus lead, consider taking one of our next-step classes. We have Road MapBaptism, and Membership classes available that will help get you on the field and into the game, instead of the sidelines.