Have you ever done something completely reckless?

Usually, recklessness is a bad thing, but when you place it in the context of Jesus’ love, it turns into this deep, passionate, never going to stop pursuit of you. It may seem uncanny, but also reassuring that we have a Savior who gave it all, just to go after you. After you accept and realize His reckless love, how do you share it with others?

Like Charlie said this weekend you need to “Share the reckless love of God with the people in your life. Kick down every wall, tear down every lie and go after them.” This can start as sharing a story on how God helped you parent your kids, rekindled your marriage, or provided financially when your resources had run out. Tell them how God never left you and never will, and He can do the exact same thing for them. You can even invite them to one of our Easter gatherings so they can see what this whole “God thing” is about.

You’ve experienced the reckless love of God. Now go share it with someone.