What kind of week are you having? Has it been hectic? Did you enjoy some time outside in the beautiful weather? Or, were you busy and only saw it from your window?

Life seems to take up vast chunks of our time, and then we end up giving God and even our loved ones our leftovers. This past weekend Kevin talked about how the Holy Spirit can lead us and make small changes that ripple into huge ones, but we have to lean in and take the time to put those changes into effect. We have to be willing to listen and take action, which can be intimidating. Think back to this past Sunday; did you hear the Spirit give you something to work on this week? If so, were you able to put it into practice?

Your step might be doing something as simple as taking the first seven minutes of your day and being with God, or it could be stepping up to help out in an area of the church. Know that when the Spirit tugs on your heart, it is aiding you to a more intentional life with Christ. It will lead you to what you have been called to do, big or small, and through you, it will effect change that you didn’t know was possible.