As you can probably guess, the heavy snow caused chaos not only in our own schedules, but in our building project, as well. Snow covered the site for most of February, and crews had to wait to continue working until the soil dried out and “healed” itself naturally.

Concrete Work Moves Forward

The good news is that we have resumed work pouring the footings and stem walls in the area where our new auditorium will be. To get back on schedule, crews will work every Saturday for the duration of the project. We hope to have all the footings and foundation work completed this month so that steel construction can begin in April. Steel beams will begin to go up as soon as the concrete work is finished. Once this begins, you will see rapid progress in the construction.

Getting Creative

With the weather days that we lost, we project to be done the first week of December rather than the last week of October. Petra, our general contractor, is going to try to close this gap, but we may have to be creative with a meeting location for a month or so, and we need to solve our weekday preschool meeting area.

Volunteers Stepping Up in Critical Ways

Volunteers have stepped up in leadership roles in this project. Lori Riffe has stepped up to lead our interior design team. We are now looking at all finishes, colors, and equipment and trying to match our budget for all costs. Also, Tracy Corgiat has stepped forward to lead our move from one building to the next in November.

What Can You Do?

Consider committing financially.
If you haven’t already, prayerfully consider what God would have you commit in faith. There is still plenty of opportunity to invest in a lasting physical presence for Church on the Ridge in our community. Every dollar counts.

Here are things that could really use your prayer:

  • For good spring weather like this, not just for ourselves, but for the project
  • For our general contractor, Petra, as they try to close the gap in schedule
  • For favor and creative solutions to a possible temporary meeting space
  • For a divine sense of peace for Charlie


Take a look at the architect’s drawings (PDFs). (Subject to change.) You can see these and more on the display wall in the Mall at Church on the Ridge.