Spring is officially here next Wednesday, March, 20. It’s a time of rebirth and growth. The trees begin to sprout their leaves; flowers begin to bloom again, and (well, at least theoretically) the weather starts to warm up. It’s also the season in which we celebrate Easter, which is more than fitting.

While most focus on Easter being the time of Jesus’ death, which is important, it’s also about His resurrection. The time when He claimed power over death and brought new life to us all. We are no longer slaves to fear because Jesus holds power over it all. Just rest in that for a moment. Our Lord has defeated everything that could ever come against us. How reassuring is that?

No matter what comes at us in this life, Jesus will prune us so that we regrow into something more beautiful than the year before, much like a rose bush. He’s attentive and takes away the parts of us that are draining us. Does it hurt to be pruned? Of course! But it also makes us bloom into something breathtaking.

Today, think about a way you can let Jesus be your gardener. Write it down on a sticky note and place it on your car dashboard, pray over it every time you see it and see the way He changes your life.