The vision that comes to mind when we hear the word baptism can vary significantly from one person to another based on personal experience and church history. Perhaps you have a vision of a church baptistry that was behind the choir loft of your church. Maybe you remember being baptized in a creek, river, or even a swimming pool. Your mind may wander to a bowl of water that the minister dips his fingers into and sprinkles over a person, or maybe you think that baptism is reserved for babies.

Some of you might think that baptism is only something you see in movies and wonder why people need to be dunked in water to follow Jesus. If we are honest, it’s a vulnerable position to be in, but also one that is critical when you choose Jesus.

 Here are three things that happen when you choose baptism.

  1. You declare Jesus as your Lord.
    • When you declare that you will follow Jesus, you begin to see a shift in your attitude and way of life. Things that used to make you angry are replaced grace, and there is an overwhelming peace knowing that Jesus always has you in His arms.
  2. You have a Savior who wants the best for you, even when you don’t want it.
    • Like the story shared on Sunday, we often overindulge ourselves when we are apart from Jesus. We stunt our growth spiritually, emotionally and sometimes even physically. When we walk with Him and choose to be baptized, we open ourselves up to Him guiding our steps, and giving us the best future possible, even if it wasn’t what we thought it would be.
  3. You receive the power of His grace, love, and spirit.
    • When you receive power from Jesus, it will help you mend relationships that you thought were in tatters, live a life full of purpose instead of pursuing temporary things, and most importantly shift your outlook on what matters in life.

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