We wear a lot of different outfits throughout the week. We get dressed for work, to take our kids to school, to grocery shop, but are we dressed for Christ?

This weekend Charlie talked about how we need to be dressed and accept the calling to serve. Don’t get us wrong, we know that this is a big step, but when we step out in faith in spite of busy schedules, self-doubt, and for the second, third or twentieth time, God rewards us. We build new relationships, grow closer to Him, and reach people who wouldn’t have come if not for our service.

This year we will be moving into a new building. That means more people will be walking through our doors searching for something more, and we need to be ready for them. It’s essential to build up the core of our church, to get people who are dedicated and prepared to get their hands dirty. That means getting all hands on deck helping out within a ministry or area and serving so that we reach every person in our valley.

Over the next week, check our volunteer page and see where God could be calling you to serve.