Our Family Meeting was incredible. People gathered together as we broke bread (literally), laughed, and heard some essential updates in the life of the church. We talked about three major things: ministry updates, Cornerstone for Generations, and our finances.

1. Ministry Updates
Each department lead shared about what has been going on in their departments and what’s coming next:

  • Guest services
    Jeff Mihal shared how Guest Services recently launched an event team that helps organize and staff all of Church on the Ridge’s events throughout the year, as opposed to recruiting different people for each event. This team is led by volunteer Valerie Pacheco, who is excited about revamping this area and helping our events make the best impression.
  • Discipleship
    Kevin Cumming took on the role of Discipleship Pastor in August and has loved the support and love you guys have given him. This year Discipleship will be launching new classes and events. Notably, next January will be starting Celebrate Recovery, a program to help those who battle with addiction.
  • Music & Creative Arts
    David Woll shared how the ministry is focusing on building up leaders. Recently Bobby Znak and Lee Bothwell accepted the call to step up and lead in music and creative teams, respectively. 
  • Student Ministries
    Stephen Salmon shared how Student Ministries impacts around 300 students weekly. This year they are looking to build their team so they can reach more students and get ready for the new building.

2. Cornerstone for Generations 
Charlie shared our status with the building project. Currently, we are three weeks behind due to the weather and a few other minor setbacks. Our official move-out date is October 31, 2019. This is the point when we must have all our things out of the downstairs rented space in our current facility. 

If we are unable to occupy our building by October 31, we will look at other creative options, such as having church online or renting space at a local school, if budget permits.

When it comes to financials, you guys are meeting your commitments at a rate higher than typically received in similar projects at other churches. So far, you have donated 1.6 million to our building next door! Our total budget for this building is 8.301 million, and that doesn’t include paint, carpet, fixtures, furniture and all the other things that would make this building feel like home. To minimize our costs, we may be rallying you guys to help us paint, and we are going to transfer as much existing furniture and fixtures as we can.

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3. Finances
Overall 2018 ended up being a great year. We came in under our revised budget, and with our cutbacks, we set ourselves up to a good start for 2019. Typically, when we start a new year we increase our budget by 4% or 5%. However, this year, we are keeping it the same as last year, so if we have unexpected changes in giving or matching, we will still be in good shape.

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