Have you ever wondered when the suffering in your life will end? 

This life throws twists and turns at us, and it can be hard to have faith in God when we are dealing with so much pain, but it’s not impossible.

This weekend, Charlie talked about four things we can learn from Job’s life that we can apply to our own.

  1. Open Up
    • This one can be tricky. We deal with grief, anger, shock, and fear which makes us close up and not want to be vulnerable with anybody. To let God come in and help us build a bigger faith, we have to let Him in and be completely open. That is when the real healing and work begins.
  2. Fight Bitterness
    • It is so easy to be bitter, but we have to remember that God isn’t doing these things so that we suffer. We are loved by a God who has a plan for our life, cares about every detail, will protect us, and is in control of things that we just can’t understand. Every time you are feeling bitter, pray to Him about it and remember that He will never stop loving you.
  3. Get Connected
    • God has called us into fellowship with other believers. When we start getting connected with God’s people, we increase the amount of time we are surrounding ourselves with positive influences who will always direct us back to God instead of away from Him. If you haven’t already, get connected by joining one of our community groups or bible studies.
  4. Give Your Future to God
    • Wait what? We know this one is difficult. We want to be in charge of everything that we do because we believe that our plans are best and that God’s will take us down some random road where we have to abandon all our dreams, which is simply not true. When we give our future to God, we are giving Him the authority that is already His. He has already overcome the world, why would we not want the ultimate champion guiding our future? Take some time this weekend and see what ways you can trust God with your future.