Over the past three weeks, the overwhelming theme we have been trying to convey to you is that you matter.

Jesus didn’t leave heaven to get his name painted in the stars; He left because he saw the immense value in you. And just as he saw value in us, he wanted us to see that in others. To know that everyone is loved and matters. So over the next week, here are four simple ways you can show the people around you that they matter.

  1. Tell Them
    Let the people you come across know how valuable they are by verbally affirming them. Say “Thank you for washing those dishes.” or even something as simple as “You matter.”
  2. Show Them
    Giving gifts is an incredible way to show people that they matter. Do a little bit of research and give them something that they love. If they collect mugs, grab them one and put a Starbucks gift card inside it. If they like to read, get them a book!
  3. Hear Them
    Okay so maybe this one should be labeled “Listen to them,” but we wanted to keep with catchy two-word actionable points. When someone is talking with you, listen carefully to what they are saying and ask God to help you engage in a meaningful conversation with them.
  4. See Them
    It’s easy to look at someone and not see them While you are walking through the grocery store, ordering food at a restaurant or picking up your dry cleaning, actually look at people and smile. We know, weird concepts, but it’s an effortless way to affirm people and let them know that they are essential.

By taking any one of these points and applying them, you can change the way the air shifts around you when you walk into a room. People will love to be near you and want to know what it is about you that makes you so happy. It gives you an excellent opportunity to spread the love of Jesus in an organic and comfortable way.