Christmas is such a particular time of year. Our homes get festive, family comes into town, and in the air, there is an unexplainable joy. It’s incredible.

There are only four more days until Christmas day, and we want to encourage you with three last-minute ways you can spread Christmas joy.

  1. Invite someone to one of the Christmas Eve gatherings with you. This time of year, many people can feel lonely and lost, so what better way to lift their spirits than by spending an hour with someone who cares about them?!
  2. Donate to Do Something! There are so many people around the world who are lacking this Christmas. Why not quickly give online and help them have a source of food for a year or freedom from captivity?
  3. Pay-it-forward. Are you running some last minute errands and need a quick Starbucks fix? While you’re paying for your coffee, pay for the person behind you as well. Little kindnesses like that go a long way.

Feel encouraged over the last few days of this Christmas season and spread the love of Jesus to everyone that you meet.