After more than a few challenges, the project continues to move forward. Things are really moving, and you can see changes on the site nearly every day. Here’s a snapshot of where we are at.

  • Most earth work is done, and the pad now exists for the new building.
  • Most earth work is done, and the pad now exists for the new building.
  • Petra, the builders, have solved the storm water management issue. Each day water is removed from the construction site and placed in large tanks on the adjacent eastern lot where it is treated and filtered before being distributed. This solution allows for work to continue rain or shine.
  • Most of the footings have been poured around the building footprint as well as that of the elevator shaft footprint.
  • The balance of the footings, concrete stem walls and preliminary foundation work will continue throughout the month of December.



What’s Next

After the footings and stem walls are finished, it’s time to pour the concrete slab floor. Once this step is complete, things will move more quickly from a visual standpoint.

What Can You Do?


As we shared with you last month, your prayers are making a difference. Thank you for continuing to cover this project with your prayers. Please pray specifically for favorable weather for the slab pour for the foundation.


Accelerate Your Commitment

Thank you for your generosity and fulfilling your commitments. While we have sufficient funds to complete the project, we are entering a period where our construction funds will be tight. For a short time, the receipts from commitments are outpaced by the construction expenses and before we are able to access the bank loan.

If you are able, please consider accelerating your commitment. In other words, consider speeding up your giving by taking your final 1-3 monthly pledges and adding them to your existing December and January payments.