How do you feel appreciated and respected at work? Most of the time we don’t. We feel weighed down by the negativity that churns in the workplace, but we don’t have to stay that way.

This past week Kevin talked about the five languages of appreciation in the workplace:

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Quality Time
  3. Acts of Service
  4. Tangible Gifts
  5. Physical Touch

Consider the people you work with; all the struggles that they are dealing with outside of the 9-5 itself. Do they have God to lean on? What if everyone in the office knew each other’s appreciation languages and all of sudden you show how thankful you are for one another! Does somebody like quality time? Grab a Starbucks drink with them! Physical touch? Ask if you can give them a pat on the back!

When you start living a life of gratitude and appreciation, people begin to take notice. You could be the person in their lives that shifts the entire mood of the room from negative to positive. This next week, consider the ways you can show your appreciation to the people you work with.