This past weekend we talked about choices and the ramifications they have on our lives. Are we going to choose ourselves, the world or God to be in charge?

In a season where everything has been commercialized, we tend to choose the world and forget about the things that God has given us to be thankful for. So this week, as it is Thanksgiving, we encourage you to choose God by using these three simple steps to become more thankful instead of dissatisfied.

  1. Remember the blessings in your life.
    Every time you think of something that you have to do, flip it around and remember the blessing in it. For example, do you have to prepare an entire Thanksgiving feast? You have a whole family to be thankful for! Have to clean your home? You have a roof over your head. The more you do this, the easier it will be to see all the blessings in your life.
  2. Give to those in need.
    Do you have extra food after your Thanksgiving feast? Consider giving it to someone in need! Shopping on Black Friday? Grab an extra jacket, beanie or gloves and donate them to the Mt. Si Food Bank for their winter coat drive!
  3. Write a ‘Thank You’ card to the person who helped lead you to Christ.
    Okay, so this one we are stealing from Andy Stanley’s Go Fish series, but it is such an excellent way to be thankful. As the title suggests, you write a letter! At some point in your life, there was a person who helped lead you to Christ. Tell them about how thankful you are for them sharing Jesus with you. It will be a blessing to both of you!

We hope that each one of you takes these practices to heart and bask in a life of thankfulness.