It rained a lot the past few weeks. Like a lot. Unfortunately, this created issues with storm water runoff to the nearby creek and surrounding area. You may remember Charlie talking on Sunday about the stop work order we had received. As a result, the next few days were spent controlling the runoff and setting up a system to control the water.

In welcome news, on the very same weekend Charlie spoke about the issue, we received word from the city that they approved our new plan and lifted the stop work order! Crews were able to resume work the next day. This is a specific answer to prayer.

Thank you for praying, church! Your prayers for this project are making a difference.

Footings and Foundation Work Moves Ahead

Concrete work on the footings and foundation is now being done over the next two weeks as long as we do not have rain like we did a few weeks ago. Though a little rain doesn’t stop the concrete work, heavy rains do. The dry, favorable weather conditions are optimal for the contractors to pour the footings, and then the floor. Our goal is to pour the concrete floor of our new church in December.

Big Highlights

Here are a few high-level numbers that bring some perspective to the project.

  • 41,129 gross square feet
  • 5,406 new square feet of student areas
  • 11 new meeting rooms
  • $8,786,302 total project cost

What You Can Do

Please continue to pray for favorable weather. Rainy weather sets things back.  So please pray for good weather and God’s blessing!

In addition, pray that God would move the hearts of people who have not yet committed financially to this project to trust him in whatever form that takes. As expected, some people who committed and gave have moved away, and new people have begun to call Church on the Ridge “home” since Commitment Sunday in June, 2017. The opportunity to participate financially will be brought to everyone’s attention in the coming weeks.

If you or your family have given or made a commitment to Cornerstone for Generations, thank you! This project would not have been able to move forward without your generosity. You should have received an email from our team with a summary of your giving to date. If your situation has changed, it will be a great help to our planning to let us know. If you have not received the giving update email, please let us know and we’ll make sure you get it.

Live Feed on the Cornerstone Cam

Watch the live feed of the construction site at or by going to the COTR mobile app.