Have you ever climbed Mount Si? Or went on a hike that was challenging? What did you do to prepare? Did you gather snacks, water and wear comfortable clothes, or did you wing it and hope for the best. Climbing a mountain is tough; especially if you do it without the proper gear. But when you prepare and plan out all that you will need, you’re hiking experience is significantly improved. (I mean it’s still going to be tough, you are climbing a mountain after all 😉 )
This weekend we wrapped up our series, Spiritual Ninja Warrior, on the topic of humility. Often we think that there are things that we need to do on our own. And like the unprepared hiker, we take a lot longer than planned and get burned out before we make it to the top. But, when we rely on God, take the p-r-i-d-e out of it, we can summit and bask in the beauty of completing our challenge.

Over the next couple of days, invite Christ into an area of your life that you have been blocking him out of because you didn’t think you needed him there. It might be a bit uncomfortable, and it takes a lot of trust, but once you do, wait and see how God helps you climb your mountain.