The Men’s Bible Study I attend on Thursday mornings is a great group of guys who work through the Bible together, enjoy the comraderies and help each other in our walk with God. We are currently studying a little letter Paul wrote to a young pastor named Timothy. It was encouraging this week when we came up with five ways to improve our lives through Paul’s words. Here are the CliffsNotes from a healthy discussion and discovery.

To keep from getting sucked away by enticements that end up destroying our faith, these five elements are essential.

1)      Develop a vibrant ongoing relationship with Jesus so when fake substitutes come along they are easy to recognize as forgeries.

2)      Get in a community group of Christ followers where there is at least one person you can be absolutely honest with – someone who loves you enough to speak truth and who never rejects or shames you.

3)      Give yourself away to God’s work. Spend time doing more than paying the bills and managing your home. Live your divine destiny by serving others.

4)      Talk to God daily, and pray this simple prayer, “Lord not my will but your will be done!”

5)      Actively engage in making your marriage great. A mediocre or so-so relationship with your spouse is neither acceptable nor sustainable. It is your job to help it grow into the life giving organism God designed it to be. (If you are not married you quite possibly will be and you can help others in their marriage.)

As I contemplated these five elements, I was energized to support everyone who calls me their pastor to cultivate these habits. One of the guys commented, “Hey, this sounds like Life, Community, Purpose.” I smiled as someone else said, “Did you pay him?” Of course, I didn’t. It was simply the influence of our great church over a group of guys.

As we move into fall and back-to-school rhythm, community group signups are here. Community group leaders help us focus on these primary dynamics and are a source for helping us live them out.  If you want an abundant life, to improve your marriage, to be a model of real Christianity for your children and friends, then get in a group. You can’t do it alone.

I love you and am so grateful for our CG leaders and hosts who make Church on the Ridge possible.

In Him,


P.S. Don’t miss our Family Meeting September 16.