As you may know, things are moving more slowly than we had hoped. Wondering why? Read about it in our weekly blog.

At the church picnic, Charlie shared some rays of sunlight, that is, answers to prayer that we have seen in the middle of the waiting.  That same day, we witnessed 12 people get baptized. It reminds us of the whole reason we’re doing this at all— sharing the love of Jesus by helping people become fully devoted followers of Christ!

Even though dirt is not yet moving, some cool things have happened that we want you to know.


Some Big Wins 

Significant Donation 

Embracing the vision of Church on the Ridge, a donor decided to double their commitment to Cornerstone for Generations and gave an additional $50,000 to Cornerstone for Generations. All this after already having fulfilled their three-year commitment!

Additional Parking Provided 

As I mentioned a couple of months ago, the owner of the property directly east of our lot has agreed to an easement that will allow for shared parking. Space for our cars is going to be limited, so every bit helps.

Office Furniture Donated 

Last week, a donor who wishes to remain anonymous gave us all the furniture our new offices will need—from desks to chairs to equipment—valued at an estimated $70,000! You know what they say: One business’ loss is Church on the Ridge’s gain. Some of the furniture we are already using and the rest we plan to use in our new facility.

Add these to the list of generous and amazing provisions, and it becomes clear. God is taking care of us AND will keep taking care of us!



Progress Is Progress 

Though we don’t see the heavy machinery at work on the lot quite yet, we have some essential boxes checked. We received our ecology permit from the state and obtained the civil, architectural, and structural drawings. Our general contractor has given us the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) and extended their construction contract with us from twelve months up to thirteen months. The project would not be able to move forward without these critical steps completed.



How You Can Pray 

First, don’t forget to thank God for the ways he has already been answering prayer. After you express your gratitude, please ask God for favor and clarity on our path to permitting. The later we start, the more likely we will run into adverse weather when working on all the ground stuff (earthwork, footings, foundation, and utility connections), and the higher the likelihood of cost increase. Also, please pray for our architect, engineer, and our construction teams, who are in charge of the site development and construction. Lastly, don’t forget to pray for Charlie and the staff. Building programs are taxing on any church and its leadership. 

There’s still a long road ahead of us. But there’s enough road behind us to see that God’s favor on this project. As Charlie says, “We do the difficult; God does the impossible.”