The Church on the Ridge picnic in the park was a huge success. In particular, I  was amazed at the baptisms. In reading through the various stories of our people getting baptized, Rob Gibson’s life verse stood out to me. “God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.” 1 Peter 4:10 NLT.  He was making a bold statement of faith that would be seen by his church, his friends, and even his family through the live stream back in Chicago! But even more than that, his life verse was a snapshot of what I see here at our church.

We have a great team. The quality of the pastors, staff and unpaid leaders makes me emotional. They are incredible, and it makes Church on the Ridge a fantastic place to be! Let me speak about a few of those who use their gifts to serve others.

Miss Ruth who runs our preschool is a joy and incredibly gifted in her role. She has developed a team of teachers and staff that have impacted the families of our community. Close to 80% of those families whose children attend the preschool program have come to Church on the Ridge. What an outstanding way to serve our community! Think about it, what if 80% of the people you engage with ended up coming here? I wish I had that kind of influence. This summer she has run camps for families, and it continues to keep the connections going. I have watched those families invite other families and get engaged. Way to go Miss Ruth!

Toni Mihal is leading another ministry team to Cambodia. She has empowered youth and adults to commit two weeks of their lives to serve the marginalized people of our world. Toni has a gift of inspiring people to look outward and give of themselves in ways they never thought possible. I don’t know the exact number, but over the last ten years, she has helped well over a 100 people engage in missions. Her smile and warmth when interacting with people has attracted them to her love for Christ and seeing others live out their purpose. I am excited to hear from the team about their experiences with the people of Cambodia when they get back.

Tom Neely is a key musician on our worship team. You know him as one of our “boomer” guitar players. He has been faithfully playing with us for almost eight years—one of our longest standing players. He has served through the numerous productions—Christmas, Easter, special events, and times when we have had ten gatherings—and showed up for ALL of them. He sometimes even rearranges his schedule to be able to serve.

We have so many faithful people here at our church. I hope you tell them thank you for being a significant part of making Church on the Ridge awesome.

I can’t forget to say GREAT JOB to Jeff, Val, Dale, Mike, and the team of others who gave us a picnic to remember. I am so glad that here “No one plays Frisbee alone.” 

 In Him,