“God always does what he plans…” (Ephesians 1:11 CEV). Does this ever frustrate you? It definitely frustrates me! I want God to do what I plan. I had planned on having building permits this week. Here it is the end of the week and still…nothing! I find myself asking God what is wrong. Are you not hearing my prayers? Is this too minor for you to deal with? Can you not engage in this with me and get with the plan? Do you ever have these kinds of questions for God when your plan is not working out?

Or how about some of these. What if it is my fault? What if I have not done all that I can do to get things lined up? What if it is not God’s fault at all and I am the one who has messed it up? Did I mess up God’s plan?

Have you ever said any of the following, blaming yourself for not being “good enough?” Maybe I have not prayed enough! If I just would have prayed a little longer or a little harder, I would have been in on God’s plan. But I decided to watch TV instead of praying, so I was not able to see God’s plan come together. Maybe God doesn’t answer my prayers unless I pray a really long time! This could not be God’s plan at all! I may have been trying to do something for God that is not even His will! I am working on the wrong plan!

This one is the worst feelings. What if God is punishing me for my sin! I don’t deserve anything from God.

Ohhhhh this is frustrating. There was a man in the Bible named Isaiah who tried to adhere to God’s plans, and he got frustrated asking many of the same questions. But in his patience, he was able to keep focused on the plan and the promises of God to eventually say, “O Lord, I will honor and praise your name, for you are my God. You do such wonderful things! You planned them long ago, and now you have accomplished them” (Isaiah 25:1 NLT). This brings me encouragement. Things that God planned long ago have now been accomplished. When I am stressed and discouraged, I only have to stop and remind myself that if this is God’s plan, it will happen. For “God always does what He plans.”

He proved that with the greatest plan He ever came up with, the plan to save us. “…and this is why he appointed Christ to choose us.” He knew that Christ would choose to die for you and me! He knew that no matter how many of our own plans we choose to follow, how many times we watch TV over prayer, or how often we can’t figure out what to do or do it wrong, He would do a wonderful thing and die for us.

It does not depend on me being good enough, capable enough, spiritual enough or anything else. Even though things are not going the way I want them to, I am at peace, because God always accomplishes His plans. What about you, are you at peace today? Stop beating yourself up, but instead honor and praise God for the wonderful things He does. He is going to accomplish the plan He has for you.

See you at the picnic this Sunday. I can’t wait to share with you four distinct areas in which I have watched the hand of God at work in my life and the life of our church in July. Don’t forget to try my pie. 🙂

In Him,