Here at Church on the Ridge, we want to share the love of Jesus by helping people become fully devoted followers of Christ! And what better way to do that than exploring 29,000 feet below the surface of the ocean! BREAKAWAY, The Undersea Adventure is our vacation bible school where we will be not only exploring the depths of the sea, but also the depth, width, and breadth of God’s love for each and every single one of us. Our community is comprised of kids from all walks of life, and Breakaway is designed to give first through fifth graders a chance to experience Jesus. Each night of our four-day camp, we will be playing games, hearing fun stories, making new friends, and talking about Jesus – all in an environment designed for kids. Breakaway is our chance to get the message of hope and Jesus in front of hundreds of kids and have them take that back to their home where Jesus might be an afterthought.

This year during our undersea adventure, we are going to be following four friends who face a tough challenge. What happens when one of them messes up and sins against the rest of the group? How do you have reconciliation from that? Can Jesus still love the offender? And how does grace win through the whole situation? It’s exciting knowing that Jesus not only is ready to forgive us but came to earth to give us the opportunity and chance to come to Him, asking for forgiveness when we mess up. When we humble ourselves and admit what we did was wrong and ask for forgiveness, Jesus can start to heal the wounds not only inflicted on others but that we inflicted on ourselves too. BREAKAWAY is going to show kids that they don’t have to go through life carrying the weight and guilt of their sin. They can ask for forgiveness from Jesus and the people they wronged and watch as grace fills their life. Then they are going to see what Jesus can do with those people after they have asked for forgiveness. Peter denied Jesus three times, and yet Jesus used him to build His church.

We cannot wait to go on this undersea adventure with over one hundred and twenty volunteers so far and help these kids experience the love of Jesus and become fully devoted followers of Christ!