As of Monday of this week, we were still no closer to having civil drawings that we could submit to the city. If you know anything about construction, you cannot do anything without them. For whatever reason, our architect saved them for last, and the civil engineer he hired is dragging his feet! From all indications, the delay is costing us money, good weather and causing consternation! I didn’t know this engineer personally, and I didn’t know his name but when I thought about him it was never positive. I felt helpless in the process, and I could not get any information on how the plans were coming and when we would be able to submit them. Arrrrgh!

Through the power of the interweb and without our architect’s blessing, I found the guy. I was ready to start sending some “encouraging” emails. Surely that would spur him on to get our job finished. We have a great team on the building committee, one of them being Dale Brevick. He told me NOT to send an email and to call the guy and talk to him. I thought, sure I’ll talk to him, I’ll tell him over the phone exactly the problems he is causing and to get going or else. Not sure what the “else” would be since every civil engineer within a four-state area is slammed with work, but I was going to going to “talk” at him regardless. Then Dale said you need to send him a pizza. I have thought of sending many things to him, but a pizza never crossed my mind.

BUT I love Jesus with all my heart, and I knew that Dale was right. I am committed to treating people the way followers of Jesus treat people. I called the guy and started the conversation by thanking him for his abilities and being willing to work on our church. He was very cordial and believe it or not; the conversation turned to him asking me questions about church and Jesus! I shared with him, made a friend and planted some ideas of God and His love for people. He promised to get our project done and assured me that he would move it to the top of his list! I don’t know if it was our conversation or the pizza, but I’m confident that treating him with love and respect has our project moving forward again.

When Jesus told us to love our enemies and do good to those whom you may not appreciate (Matthew 5:44), He meant it. I trust that when you come across a problematic person or you are not being treated the way you think you should, rather than sending an “encouraging” email, you pick up the phone or better yet meet them face to face and act like Jesus, send them a pizza. You never know what may happen, you could make a friend.

In Him,