Last week was really something to remember. One year after Commitment Sunday and before summer schedules were in full swing, we wanted to celebrate this occasion together as a church family. We’re so glad you were a part of it.

In the Trailside Room, we packed in together for one gathering, singing a prayer for God to “build his kingdom here.” Charlie reminded us that there’s no “plan B.” There’s no other organization besides the local church that changes people’s lives for eternity. Today, Church on the Ridge’s mission is the same as it was when it was founded 14 years ago: to share the love of Jesus by helping people become fully devoted followers of Christ. Building a new and more lasting facility means that mission will continue to move forward.  (Watch Charlie’s talk here.)

As we moved outside, it was stirring to see so many of you really take to heart the encouragement to plant a prayer—an outcome that you intrusted God with our new facility. So many of you gathered with your families or grouped up with others to agree together in prayer.

Phil Lott, along with his wife Jacqui, and their kids, each wrote a prayer. Phil planted his prayer near the entrance, where he prayed for the new facility, “to be a place that’s welcoming and that the hurting and broken find as a place of refuge.”

Of course, there was the shoveling, the ceremonial “breaking ground.” But maybe the coolest thing to see was all of you joining hands. You all stretched out around what will be the perimeter of our building, forming a human “prayer chain,” asking God to help us use this facility to share the love of Jesus by helping people become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Melissa Hancock shared later that day, “All morning it was so beautiful and it looked as though we would get to do the ceremony without getting ‘rained out.’ But as everyone was walking over to collect a handful of dirt to cover over our prayers, it started to sprinkle and within minutes there was a downpour of rain. I don’t think this was a coincidence. I honestly believe God poured that rain over the dirt that was covering every single prayer as a symbol of the beauty that would grow from them through His blessings in not only our lives but in the future of the church and the leaders as well!”

May this be so! Thanks for being a part of this milestone day.

Watch the recap video below.