What’s Done 

  • Church Health Study 
  • Feasibility Study 
  • Architect Selection 
  • General Contractor Selection 
  • Raised Capital for Down Payment  
  • Appraisal and Loan 
  • Commitments Coming in Consistently 
  • 90% Drawings Submitted to City for Permitting 

Significant Achievements 

Record Attendance in Current Facility 

This Easter weekend, we saw record attendance at our gatherings. The count came in at 1,376 in total attendance. Our previous record was set in 2008, when we saw a crowd of 1,408. However, the counting methods were different because we didn’t deduct the number of volunteers serving at multiple gatherings. As a result, this year we set a new record in weekend attendance. 

If we saw these results in a building that we retrofitted and remodeled to make serviceable, imagine what we can do with a facility that is designed for ministry from the ground up!  

$1M Mark 

In addition, we surpassed the million-dollar mark in donations, with $1,028,409.16 received, as of March 28. This means that we have enough cash to keep the project going, and keeps the bank happy. 

Your belief in the future of Church on the Ridge as evidenced by your giving and prayers means that more people will encounter the living Jesus in years to come. 

Counseling Office 

One of the benefits of the new facility is a more legitimate counseling office. Over the years, JoAnna Dickinson has met with clients in various rooms in our current facility, including a shared room. Obviously, this was less than ideal. Currently, this situation is improved as JoAnna now meets with clients in a dedicated, but very small room upstairs. However, if clients need to wait for their appointment, they have to wait in the front lobby downstairs or in the hallway. This is hardly the kind of experience we want for people who are hurting. 

In the new facility, the counseling office will feature a larger meeting room, as well as a private waiting room. The improvement to this area alone will mean more meaningful ministry to those who need help getting past their hurts, habits, and hang-ups. 

Where Are We Now? 

  • Our 90% set of construction drawings from our architect is now submitted to the City for a building permit. We believe this is an eight-week process. 
  • We are now finalizing all our mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering and drawings. 
  • We are working on acoustical issues. Specifically, we are looking at acoustical treatment options in the new auditorium, lobby, and other large rooms. 
  • Our General Contractor is now establishing final bids to get our Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the construction of our new facility. 

What’s Next? 

  • We are finalizing our civil drawings and coordinating all the utility connections, such as water, sewer, electrical, and gas. 
  • The owner of the property directly to our east is open to working with us. We are currently working with him toward the possibility of shared ingress / egress, elevation changes, and shared parking. 
  • Our projected construction start date is June 4, when you can expect to see heavy machinery moving dirt in the field next-door. 

What Can You Pray For?

Pray for our architect, Ron Ped. Doctors removed his gallbladder in an emergency procedure, and he is now recovering. Ron is a dear friend to Charlie and Church on the Ridge, and we need him at this crucial time to keep the project moving forward.  

Pray for continued favor with the City of Snoqualmie, and for continued provision. 

Check out the New Sign Panels 

The two rightmost panels in the mall have gotten a facelift. The thermometer is gone, and in its place is an architect’s elevation drawing that will turn from grayscale to color as donations are received until we receive the final commitment goal of $2.53 million. 

Your belief in the work of God, and the future of Church on the Ridge, as evidenced by your giving and praying, is enhancing this project as we build a cornerstone that will last for generations to come.