I’m very excited to see Stephen and Rebecca get married in just a couple of weeks! I know the joys of a committed, God-honoring relationship. I want them to experience what Sandy and I have had these last 25 years of marriage together, it’s been a beauty to walk through. Incidentally we will be celebrating our 34th anniversary in June. The first 10 were not something I would want anyone else to walk through, but because of good counseling and God’s grace for us to receive that input, these last 25 years have been incredible. Both Sandy and are adamant about doing our homework and meeting the others’ needs. No longer are we draining and demanding. The homework opened our eyes and God’s grace helped humble ourselves to serve the other. It is a winning combination. I have recommended it to Stephen and know it will save him a ton of pain.

…..But what I am really excited about is the possibility for grandchildren! I know they will wait a while but it does not stop me from praying for an “accident”J. I can’t wait until their children are able to talk and ask 1000 questions, “Papa, why do you have no hair?” “Papa, how come your hands are all wrinkly?” And on and on. I will answer most of them truthfully, but some I will make up wild stories that mom and dad will have to sort out. One thing I will always point them to, Jesus and His love. As they look at their world, my bald head and wrinkled skin, I will talk to them about the amazing intricacy of God’s creation. When they are ready I will teach them how every part their body is made up of trillions of strands of DNA that if you unwound them, one person’s cells could make a string that would stretch to the sun and back 70 times!1

No wonder the Psalm writer declared, “I will praise you because I have been remarkably and wondrously made. Your works are wondrous, and I know this very well” (Psalm 139:14 CSB). Do you know this very well? Or have you bought into the lie that it all simply happened through random chance? Nowhere else would people put that kind of faith, not in a heart drawn on the beach with the letters “CS loves SS” written inside. No, everyone would know it was put there by a sentimental person declaring their love for all to see. It certainly did not randomly appear after 14.4 billion years of waves washing up against the shore.

When you look at a child or your wrinkles in the mirror, rejoice in God’s wonder. He was scribing a note declaring His love for you, proclaiming for all who will take notice, He remarkably and wondrously made you. You certainly did not appear by random selection after 14.4 billion years of evolution. No amount of math or material can get you there, the numbers simply do not work. The DNA code is too complex and His love to great.

I know many of you have questions like, one of my soon to be grandchildren – about God, the way He works, why He does certain things and doesn’t do others and many more. In our series Good Questions, we will answer some for you and your skeptical friends. I hope you will invite them to COTR for Easter and help them see the wonder of our God.
In Him,