Why do we pray for people? Do you wonder what your prayers are actually doing? I read something that paints a somewhat new picture of the power of prayer and I’m excited to share it with you.

America began the Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm) with an air assault that obliterated Iraqi defenses. In the first 40 days the US launched 100,000 air missions, dropping 85,000 tons of bombs, not only destroying their defenses but the morale of the Iraqi army. When ground troops entered the country, there were stories of Iraqi soldiers surrendering even to camera crews. The war was won long before the first soldier even placed his boots on the ground.

The same is true when it comes to advancing the love of Jesus. Our opponent is Satan. He is powerfully created, has a well-organized army and is ready to fight. When we begin to share the love of Jesus with others, there will be a fight.

That is why we must call in air support. Through prayer, we call in God’s missiles of power from heaven to obliterate enemy strongholds over your friends, neighbors and community. The early church understood this. Read the book of Acts and note how often the church came together to pray. Jesus understood this too, and often slipped away to spend time in prayer.

The mission of Church on the Ridge is to share God’s love with every person in the Valley. Before we begin a conversation, before we begin inviting, before we ever meet the challenges of sharing God’s love, we need to take to time to break down enemy strongholds.

Imagine having such spiritual air support that before we even invite friends to church they reach out and ask us to bring them. Imagine how it would be if your neighbors knocked on your door to find out more about the Jesus you know. We are committed to pray for those in our community who do not know Jesus. I believe Church on the Ridge will see even more spiritual wins.

We must do our part, and a great place to start is with prayer. An easy way is to join us this Sunday at 12:15 p.m. at Church on the Ridge. The COTR prayer team will lead prayer for our community in preparation for Easter. Whether you pray a lot or a little, we want you to join us as we pray for those who have not experienced the love of Jesus.

Pastor Kevin