It seems this time of year we never have enough of anything. We don’t have enough money, because there is so much we want to buy to give our families the perfect Christmas.  We don’t have enough time, because on top of all the regular things we have to do, we are running around making preparations for Christmas. Attending Christmas parties with our company or friends, getting ready for family coming, the list goes on. With the cold and rain negatively adding to this, I see people getting sicktired, and burnt out.

Mary and Martha were two women in Jesus’ day that invited Him over to their house. Martha was busy making preparations. She was probably making sure the house was clean and was in the kitchen trying to cook the perfect meal for the only perfect person who ever lived. Jesus was used to a buffet in God’s house in heaven, how do you measure up to that with no microwave or Pinterest? And then there was Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus, listening to his teaching and getting to know him. Martha finally gets upset and frustrated and asks Jesus to tell Mary to help her.  I can totally empathize with Martha. She’s sitting there trying to make everything right, but Jesus responds to her and tells her that Mary has actually chosen better by sitting with Jesus.

Hold up. What? Martha is doing what a great host should. She wants to make sure the guest feels welcome by showing she’s ready for them. I don’t think Jesus is against this, but I do think that He is confronting a mindset that Martha and all of us have. Martha’s mindset was that it had to be good enough and that she didn’t have enough to give Him.

What she didn’t know is that when we bring our needs to Jesus, he multiplies them so there’s always enough. In another passage, Jesus takes a little boy’s “Lunchable” and multiplies it to feed 5,000 men, plus the women and children present. At first the disciples wanted to send the boy away, because he barely had any food, much less anything to feed all those people. Then after Jesus multiplies the food, there are twelve basketfuls left, enough to feed each of the twelve disciples. The very thing they saw as the problem, the scarce amount of food, was the same thing that God used to feed them. When we bring our situations to God, He multiplies them to make them enough, so there’s always enough.

Our God is a multiplier, not just of materials, but also of meaning. What we are really hoping for and what we really need this Christmas season is meaning. Jesus gives meaning to our lives by showing us who we’re called to be, be with, and what we’re called to do. That is what makes Christmas truly meaningful. After two years at Church on the Ridge, I see the need in other communities besides Snoqualmie to learn of this meaning. I see the need for more communities to get to know Jesus. After much prayer and thought as well as conversations with Charlie and Mark, I have decided to pursue God’s calling on my life to be a lead pastor and share Jesus with other communities. I have been truly blessed in my time at Church on the Ridge. I thank everyone for helping me grow and for making my family and I welcome. God bless all of you and Merry Christmas!

Thank you!

Josh Shulkind

Josh Shulkind

Groups & Discipleship Pastor

Church on the Ridge