It will be laid-back and comfortable.

The Gathering is a time when you can come and learn more about Church on the Ridge while getting to meet your neighbors. Each Gathering lasts about an hour and offers great Starbucks® coffee. Come, relax, and find out more about Jesus.

Our goal is to share God’s love with every person in our community and help them become fully devoted followers of Christ. Toward this end, every part of the Gathering is designed to point you toward Jesus, the Creator and Son of God. The videos, music and messages will all work together to bring Jesus into clearer focus after a long, hectic week. We want to know Him, serve Him, and love like Him as we experience life together here at Church on the Ridge.

We believe in community. Our goal is to help people become fully devoted followers of Christ. Having a strong community is an integral component of this goal. Some of the ways we do this at Church on The Ridge is by encouraging people to connect with others through our neighborhood community groups and serving. This is a place for everyone to feel welcome and included.


Group games. Climbing structures. Air hockey. Video games. Our indoor playground tube system. Your kids won’t want to leave, they’ll be having so much fun. And you’ll feel at peace knowing your kids are in a safe, warm and nurturing environment with well-trained leaders and volunteers. Most importantly, every child will learn that God loves them more than anything in the entire universe and that this is a place where they can come and belong.