Program overview

At Kid's on the Ridge Preschool, we embrace the truth that God made us each unique. He gave us each special giftings, talents and abilities. We all learn at different rates and in different ways. With this in mind, we provide each child with engaging lessons and a variety of activities that make learning fun and nurture who they are in Christ.

We know that selecting the right pre-school for your child is a big and often confusing decision. There are many choices and we understand that you want to be certain that you have made the best choice for your child.

At Kids on the Ridge Preschool, we assure you that we care for your child like you do.

Our state-of-the-art 2,000 sq. ft. facility is a bright and positive learning environment that includes large classrooms with over 500 sq. ft. of indoor play area.

Our learning center provides a warm, safe and fun environment that helps your child develop emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually. Classrooms and play areas are designed to be inviting and engaging as your child explores new horizons.

Our teachers and environments help your child discover that learning is fun, while they make new friends and build strong relationships. We partner with you in your child's development.

For more information, email Ruth Moran.