November 16, 2017

Charlie shared pictures, renderings, and blueprints of the new facility at our Family Meeting this past Sunday, November 12. We didn’t want to spoil what he was going to present in our last update. But as promised, we’re bringing you the latest news we can share—this time, with answers to some frequently-asked questions.

Where will the children’s spaces be?

Spaces for younger kids and weekday preschool will be on the first floor, with their own bathroom facilities separate from adults. This area will help serve the needs of both our weekday preschool and weekend ministry experience, and will ensure a very secure environment.

The new space allows for a more streamlined check-in process, from which children will be escorted to separate, age-appropriate classrooms, and nets us four more rooms compared to our current space.

Elementary rooms are slated for second floor. There will also be some unfinished space to be completed as money comes in at the end of our three-year capital campaign, but there will be ample completed space for the elementary program.

Space for youth is planned on the third floor with separate middle school and high school areas.

What style will the new building be (rustic, modern, traditional stained glass, etc.)?

Modern. A cross on the front will identify it quickly as a church and not an office building. The artist’s renditions below are fairly close to what we're going for.

Will the floor in the auditorium be sloped or flat?

The floor will be flat to accommodate hosting events in the large room.

What will the lobby look like?

The entry lobby features a glass entrance, letting in lots of natural daylight.

The staircase going from the lobby to the second floor will be twice as wide (10 ft. comparted to 5 ft. currently) and is designed to eliminate the bottleneck that parents experience taking their children upstairs in our current facility.

What will parking look like?

Parking will be a challenge. We will still rent spaces in the current parking lot to accommodate for the spaces we anticipate will be needed. (There are 125 spaces at the new building, and we currently use 175.) We ask you to consider others when parking; use the farther spots so that the closer parking spaces remain available for guests.

What can you tell me about the interior design?

We are just beginning the interior design process. We’re considering things like carpet vs. concrete, wall colors, and wall trim. The coffee area in the lobby features a fireplace and will have a really cool vibe.

Where will the offices be? Offices will be located on the third floor. One thing in particular stands out...doors are expensive! So we're trying to figure out the best balance of open space versus office rooms to meet our needs, all while planning for growth.

Will there be windows in the sanctuary?

While we’d love to include the natural light that comes from windows, we need to be able to control the amount of light in the room. The expense that comes with that unfortunately makes it cost prohibitive.

See the architect's latest perspective drawings and renderings.

All images are subject to change.