August 9, 2017


By God's grace, we have exceeded our goal of $2.5 million in total commitments needed for the down payment. As of Sunday, July 30, we have raised $2.6 million in total commitments! This is an amazing stride and a direct reflection of all of your prayers, generous commitments and trust in God to provide as you commit in faith. It marks a key accomplishment in getting the loan approved. We have received a total of $586,000 in cash so far, which leaves $2 million remaining in commitments to receive over the three-year period. All commitments are applied towards the total cost of the project, which we anticipate will be about $7 million.


We have been busy making decisions and planning this month, which are the first of several important steps before we break ground on the new facility.

Because we have raised more than our initial goal of $2.5 million, the Building Team was able to move forward with a steel frame building (versus a wood frame structure), which offers increased durability, longevity, and range of configuration.

While it may not look like much is happening yet in the field next door, by getting our plans in order now, we are right on schedule. We will continue to share updates monthly to ensure everyone is informed as our planning efforts take root and we begin our journey towards building a Cornerstone for Generations. We hope to share blueprints with you very soon!


  • Church Health Study
  • Feasibility Study
  • Architect Selection
  • General Contractor Selection
  • Raised Capital for Down Payment!


Value Engineering

We are in the middle of this phase where we determine method of construction, floor plans, elevations and square footage.



Once we have our first-phase drawing, it will be analyzed for cost of construction and land appraisal. This is a six-week process.

Close on Loan

Once the appraisal is complete and the total amount is approved, we expect to close on the loan in September.

Building Permits

In September and October, we will start the preliminary permit process followed by getting the final drawings completed. Once the drawings are finalized and submitted, we will be able to get the building permits issued.

Finalize Costs

As the drawings are finalized, we are able to get firmer bids, better value engineering, and a more exact cost of construction of our new, dedicated church building.


We will level the ground with fill dirt and raise the elevation of the field to the street and match the level of the building we are in now. Equipment will be used to compact the soil as it is delivered and create a solid and even foundation for construction. Construction is now scheduled to begin in March 2018 with completion targeted for Easter 2019!


Pray for wisdom and favor for our Building Team (our pastors, architect, general contractor and subcontractors) as they complete the value engineering process.