This fall brings excitement as we take the necessary steps in the pre-building process. We are currently working on appraisal, closing the loan, building drawings and permits. We will continue to share updates and the status of progress in our journey towards building a Cornerstone for Generations.


  • Church Health Study
  • Feasibility Study
  • Architect Selection
  • General Contractor Selection
  • Raised Capital for Down Payment



The architect has completed a sufficient percentage of drawings to begin the appraisal process. The appraisal will help determine the total cost of the project and allow us to close the loan. This process began two weeks ago and is on track to be completed by the end of September.


The architect will continue creating the drawings and is expected to have enough completed by mid-December to begin the permit process with the city of Snoqualmie. The permit process takes 8- 10 weeks.


We are collecting and considering different design ideas from the staff and teams that will best suit our current and future needs. At the same time, we are balancing cost through the value engineering process. The architect is working to incorporate these ideas and come up with an awesome facility.


We are hiring a civil engineer who will be critical in helping us get the site developed and ready for construction. We are looking at elevations, ingress and egress, utilities, landscaping, and site earth work that may still require bringing in fill dirt.

Construction is scheduled to begin in March 2018 with completion targeted for Easter 2019!


We need your prayer support. We need wisdom as we try to maximize and best utilize the limited space we have to work with. Figuring out the floor plan is a very challenging process with a lot of back-and-forth with our architect. Please pray that God gives us wisdom in these decisions, that the space will be utilized in such a way to be a blessing to all who come and serve at Church on the Ridge. Pray that this new facility will help us fulfill the calling God has placed on us to be an alive church of influence in our community and a place you want to invite your friends who are far from God to experience the life-giving power of his Spirit.

Thank you for your commitment to giving. Please continue to pray as we prepare to close the loan, compete the drawings and design plans, get the permits and prepare the site for breaking ground in March.